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Are you not satisfied with your cleaning power? Would you like a permanent contact person? You don't want your guests and customers to have a bad impression? Then you are right with us. Talk to us and test us. If you are not satisfied with our cleaning service, you do not have to pay us. Believe me. We trust 100% in clean performance. Give us a try. Trying with us will cost you nothing if you are not satisfied. You have nothing to lose


We offer you the normal offers that you know from other service providers. We also offer a complete and innovative cleaning solution. Our cleaning packages are divided into material types. If e.g. If your building predominantly consists of wood (cupboards, furniture, doors, kitchen equipment, etc.), then it is recommended to take our package P04: wood surface cleaning flat rate. The package P00: standard cleaning with customer requirements is included with almost every cleaning package and includes the entire object from vacuuming to wet wiping, emptying garbage, for mirror cleaning, interior door glass cleaning, plus other customer requirements.




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Professional cleaning service for daycare centers and schools. To comply with the hygiene measures in kindergartens, daycare centers and crèches. The daycare centers are responsible for the health and development of the children entrusted to them. In kindergartens, daycare centers and crèches, many people move around every day - learning, playing and eating together. Cleanliness and hygiene are therefore very important aspects so that children, teachers and caregivers feel comfortable in the premises. Performance service Each of our customers is personally provided with an object manager and a foreman. Your property manager can be contacted by phone or on site at any time. He takes care of the implementation of your concerns and takes care of your property. Your foreman, on the other hand, ensures the consistently high quality of our cleaning work on site and is "your first man" when quick and unconventional help is required or priorities shift.

  • Emptying and cleaning the wastepaper baskets, garbage and hygiene pails
  • All-over vacuuming of carpets and floors as well as wet wiping of the floor
  • Cleaning and disinfecting doors and door handles, light switches and sanitary facilities (including decalcification)
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Daily cleaning of kitchen worktops
  • Daily cleaning of children's tables & chairs
  • Weekly cleaning and dedusting of the shelves, window sills, cloakrooms and internal windows
  • Weekly check and filling of paper towels, toilet paper

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Proper cleaning is a particularly thorough cleaning that also cleans hard-to-reach areas such as corners, niches and grooves. Adhesive, stubborn dirt and crusts of dirt are removed during basic cleaning. A basic cleaning is generally only carried out at longer intervals and is an ideal addition to the basic cleaning.

Performance Overview

  • Glass and frame cleaning
  • Cleaning of floor coverings including baseboards
  • Cleaning the door and handle
  • Cleaning of window sills, radiators, light switches etc.
  • Cleaning of the sanitary areas

Do not worry

With every proper cleaning we bring all necessary cleaning agents and materials. You do not need to worry about anything! With our cleaning processes we achieve the best possible restoration of the original useful properties of textile and non-textile floor coverings.

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Office cleaning is one of the most popular services for Salim service. Here too we can provide you with our special level. We clean your office, your practice and your law firm. Different office spaces require property-specific solutions. Irrespective of whether small offices or entire office floors, practice rooms or administrative buildings, we always do our services to your complete satisfaction.

Careful Treatment

Since we use only high quality and soft cloths and sponges, we guarantee the careful care of your interior. We handle your property with care, keep things in place and handle your work materials with great care.


We make special demands on our cleaning staff in terms of data protection and confidentiality. Especially in office and administrative areas, data protection and confidentiality are urgently needed.

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For Steps cleaning of schools, day-care centers, administration buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, production facilities and also for small office operations, workshops, practices and residential buildings, our building cleaning companies are always available for you. Dont hesate and and call us now or send e mail.

Professional & Regular

The steps are important for your home! Therefore, you should let the steps cleaning be professionally and regularly. We make sure that your staircase looks neat and clean, simply inviting for your customers.

Clean and Reliable

Steps cleaning is essential for conserving resources, their safety and well-being. It makes all the more sense to hand over these tasks, which are annoying for you, to a professional. This is not only faster and thorough but also reliable in the intervals and with pleasure.

List of services of our staircase cleaning

  • The glass cleaning in the entrance area
  • Cleaning of floor mats and rust in the entrance area
  • Dispose of letters, commercial and free newspapers
  • Cleaning of electrical switches and mailboxes as well as elevator
  • Remove cobwebs in the staircase, entrance area and of course in the common areas
  • Cleaning the floors in the stairwell including vacuuming, sweeping and damp wiping
  • Reinigung der Treppenhausfenster von innen und außen
  • Cleaning the windowsills
  • Cleaning the railings and handrails
  • Cleaning the doors from the common areas
  • Cleaning the lighting fixtures and remove the light panels and wipe it wet from the inside and outside

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Household cleaning is a service that, in contrast to building services, involves the thorough cleaning of households. A clean living environment is not only essential for hygiene, but also contributes significantly to a pleasant living environment. If, due to lack of time or health reasons, you can no longer handle the cleaning of your home alone, you should look for a household cleaning service provider.

What is part of it?

The term household cleaning is of course just a large generic term that covers many activities. The household cleaning consists of, among other things: -dust suck -wipe wipe and sweep -dishes -iron-ironing service -Winduster-cleaning of the hallway and basement.
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping and sweeping the floor
  • Washing dishes
  • Iron
  • Clean windows
  • Cleaning the hall and basement

Special Services

Special services, such as the professional cleaning of upholstered furniture, a thorough mold control or the competent treatment of floors are mainly offered by our cleaning service.

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Room nebulization disinfection

We disinfect your room with our hand-held nebulizer. This enables small to medium-sized rooms to be disinfected without installation work. The fine atomization of the disinfectant by our nebulization machine creates a mist that settles down to the last cracks and pores in the room and removes germs and bacteria and deactivates mold. Since disinfectants from ANOSAN eco are not harmful to health, they can be used without breathing protection.   Application examples for cold fogging
  • Room disinfection, e.g. in homes, kindergartens, storage rooms, practices
  • Disinfection of vehicles such as ambulances, buses, animal transporters
  Disinfection cleaning for toilet areas
  • Full surface disinfection of doors, door handles, light switches, cabinets, fittings, ceramic surfaces (toilet bowls, sinks, urinals, etc.), partitions, shelves, window sills, tiles up to 3m high
  Disinfection cleaning for toilet areas
  • Full-surface disinfection of doors, door handles, light switches, cupboards, kitchen units, tile mirrors, of all electronic devices (from the outside), shelves, walls up to 3m high
  Entrance areas, corridors, foyers
  • Full-surface disinfection of doors, door handles, light switches, cupboards, kitchen units, tile mirrors, of all electronic devices (from the outside), shelves, walls up to 3m high
  Offices, conference rooms
  • Full-surface disinfection of doors, door handles, light switches, cupboards, kitchen units, tile mirrors, of all electronic devices (from the outside), shelves, walls up to 3m high

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Daily cleaning means removing the daily household debris. This includes cleaning such as vacuuming, floor wiping, dishwashing and dusting and tidying up. This includes e.g. the cleaning of office space, practice, daycare at a specific interval.

Long Term and Hygienic

We take care in the daily cleaning for the long-term preservation of your floors, surfaces and furnishings, as well as the inviting freshness of your sanitary facilities. This is how your company will shines in a new, hygienic shine - and permanently!

For a Clean Business

In addition to the daily cleaning, additional work is carried out every month, such as in offices, washing the radiators and cleaning the shelves, office and cupboard doors. In sanitary rooms, tiles and doors are usually cleaned once a month.

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By using our internal environmental management system, we guarantee environmental protection in our company. This is done by precisely controlling the environmental factors of water, energy, waste and CO². F Environmental protection is a high priority for us, e.g. let's make sure that the vacuum cleaner doesn't use a lot of electricity. When cleaning, we only fill the bucket with the necessary amount of water. We continue to take care that our cleaning materials are not made of dangerous substances and that your waste is correctly separated. We understand sustainability, support the environment and guarantee correct handling and corresponding implementation in practice. We combine quality, environmental protection and cost savings. That's what we stand for. Salim service.  

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We ensure your and our employees protection at work with the right equipment and attention to dangers. Preventive measures in the workplace and regular exercises with work instructions raise employee awareness sensitized to occupational safety. This increases employee satisfaction. Of course, we pay attention to the cleaning on the correct application of work techniques and on the composition of the substances that we use. So there is no damage to property. Protection at the workplace is highly valued by us. Try our service. We guarantee protection.

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In order to bring our quality to the highest level and to continuously improve our services, our company's processes are documented in the form of work instructions. The work processes are recorded in work instructions in order to guarantee a recurring good performance. We create the work instructions together with our clients. These work instructions describe in detail how the work processes or cleaning steps must take place in the object to be cleaned. This means that any cleaning specialist who reads the work instructions can carry out the work. This makes it easier for the representative cleaning specialist to carry out the work of his or her colleagues due to illness or vacation. The completed work instructions are kept by the client. This also eliminates the need to create a specification sheet.

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