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Welcome to our website. We are experts in clean objects. Our service gives you a nice feeling so that you feel at home in your property. Because we want the best for you. Want to successfully implement your wishes and requirements in practice for you. In the last 4 years we have intensively developed a concept of how optimal cleaning can be carried out on site. With which you are satisfied and which covers all of your needs.

To help you. So that you get exactly the things you want in the quality you want, we work together to create an individual service agreement. We offer you cleaning processes that are precisely tailored to your needs. You get:

  • All-round care of your property.
  • Constant and thorough cleaning
  • Always available and ready to clarify your concerns in a solution-oriented way with measures that relieve the workload in your operational process
  • Good working atmosphere

It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable in your property, that your customers are satisfied and that you gain more respect. You can do all of this if you react now  come to trade immediately and enter directly  Arrange a meeting with us on site, so that we understand your current situation and know exactly where your shoe pinches. You can achieve:

  • A higher performance
  • The reputation of your property increases
  • Good cleaning and continuity in your business and avoidance of unwanted stress

The cleaning runs automatically, without you having to be present or constantly contacting us about complaints. At the same time, you have more time for other activities. The Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recognized us as an innovative cleaning service provider. Our service offers you:

  • Success through relief from our service
  • Growth with you through good cooperation
  • The uniqueness of your business
  • Constant security and a positive connection with your team

You will receive the following cleaning procedure: Übersetzung speichern

  • Hiring a qualified cleaner
  • Constant control of the to-do list from the service agreement
  • Improvement of the communication between your employees and cleaning staff with the help of media such as a WhatsApp group or normal notebooks in order to communicate requests for cleaning
  • Improving the team spirit between the cleaner and your team
  • Implement a working cleaning system that works in harmony with you and your team.

What you should know:

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Cleaning of old people's and retirement homes

Task of cleaning old people's and retirement homes Building cleaning in old people's and retirement homes includes, in particular, regular maintenance cleaning tasks, for example:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Sanitary cleaning
  • Bed cleaning & bed service
  • Stairs cleaning
  • Glass & window cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Dishwashing & kitchen services
  • Caretaker service & green area maintenance
  • Winter service
During maintenance cleaning, attention must be paid to the special situation of the home and its residents: In order to avoid constantly changing faces, it is advisable to employ friendly and sensitive permanent staff to whom the residents can establish a relationship. It should also be carefully considered whether a highly polished floor is the right choice - it can easily be mistaken for wetness and smoothness. Especially with older people, insecurity and changed walking behavior can lead to slips and injuries despite a sure-footed floor. Vital in nursing homes and old people's homes: careful hygiene When cleaning nursing homes or old people's homes, particular attention must be paid to hygienic aspects. The cleaning of nursing homes and old people's homes is based on the “Guideline for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention” published by the Robert Koch Institute and the list of services drawn up in consultation with the home. Depending on the specifications of the specification of services, disinfectant cleaning is carried out at the required frequency, for example in sanitary rooms or when cleaning the floor. In order to rule out cross-contamination, color coding is used for precisely defined cleaning areas. This ensures that the correct cleaning equipment and agents are used for each cleaning area.  

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Hospital cleaning

Hospital cleaning: cleanliness and hygiene at the highest level

Hospital cleaning is one of the most difficult and responsible areas of building cleaning. Our high-performance teams take on all related activities and ensure hygienic cleanliness in the hospital.

Hospital cleaning has to meet different standards than normal building cleaning, because bacteria, viruses and germs endanger the health of patients in hospitals. Our optimally trained building cleaners have the extensive specialist knowledge that is necessary to carry out the responsible task of hospital cleaning in the best possible way. These specialists are familiar with the various disinfectants and know exactly what to do so that the patient rooms, operating theaters, but also all other rooms such as the cafeteria and administrative offices are perfectly clean. They perform the following tasks, for example:
  • Disinfection and hygienic cleaning of clean rooms
  • Operation room cleaning
  • Bed service
  • Cleaning of rooms exposed to radiation
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning of administration buildings, kitchens, reception areas and sanitary facilities
  • Stairs cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Facade cleaning
Building cleaning for doctors: We ensure a hygienic working environment

In addition to hospital cleaning, our cleaning teams also take care of building cleaning for doctors and ensure that group practices and treatment rooms are perfectly clean and that all hygiene regulations are met. Our modern equipment with cleaning machines and cleaning agents is the prerequisite for ensuring that all rooms are always clean, hygienic and well-kept, so that both your employees and your patients feel comfortable. Together with you, we will draw up an individual cleaning plan so that you no longer have to worry about cleanliness. If you would like to find out more about this comprehensive service, you can simply contact us here.

Doctor room cleaning: flexible and thorough in terms of time

If you entrust us with the practice cleaning, you can be sure that all work will be carried out to the highest quality and at the times when your practice is closed. Our cleaning staff have the specialist knowledge necessary for cleaning that meets hygiene requirements. Select the components for practice cleaning from our service catalog. You can also at any time weitere Leistungen book, because with us you get all cleaning services from a single source. In this way you can concentrate fully on your patients - we take care of the cleanliness of your practice rooms.

Find out about the advantages of professional hospital cleaning:

  • Use of modern cleaning machines and processes
  • Use of thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • excellently trained, reliable staff
  • all cleaning services from a single source
  • good customer service

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Industrial cleaning

Coordinated service concept with modern equipment. And experienced specialists.

Machines and systems work as long and as well as people wait for them. Let the trained team from FS Plus do this for you. With the utmost care and precision, the longevity and efficiency of your machines, systems, halls and the entire work environment are guaranteed.

Together with you, we plan the cleaning work and integrate it into your production processes. Whether as a basic or interval cleaning - with the cleaning method precisely tailored to your needs, all deposits and contamination of any kind are removed, gently and with the highest technology!

You no longer have to worry about downtimes or production losses due to poor cleanliness. The industrial cleaning service from FS Plus knows how to exclude this, because system availability and the resulting quality of your products are important to us as a service provider.

Of course, environmental protection is also taken into account and cost savings are also made possible. Because: Only regular, professional machine cleaning carried out with the highest level of competence offers you an optimal production process. Where it is clean, there is less friction. Then smooth production can take place.

Hall cleaning

Clean environment. Safe production. Wherever there is cleanliness, machines work more smoothly, people prefer to work. Since we know that regular cleaning is cumbersome for many companies, we have put together a team that shines with expertise and experience.

Daily Cleaning

A good impression is crucial. Let your company shine! A well-kept company headquarters and clean offices convey a serious image and increase the hygiene and satisfaction of all those present. So your motivation can radiate to your employees.

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By applying our internal environmental management system, we guarantee environmental protection in our company. This is done by precisely controlling the environmental factors water, energy, waste and CO². F. Environmental protection is a high priority for us, e.g. we make sure that vacuum cleaners do not consume a lot of electricity. When cleaning, we only fill the bucket with the necessary amount of water. We continue to make sure that our cleaning materials are not made from hazardous substances and that your waste is properly separated. We understand something about sustainability, support the environment and guarantee the correct handling and the corresponding implementation in practice. We combine quality, environmental protection and cost savings. That's what we stand for Salim service.  

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We ensure your and our employees protection at work with the right equipment and attention to dangers. Preventive measures in the workplace and regular exercises with work instructions raise employee awareness sensitized to occupational safety. This increases employee satisfaction. Of course, we pay attention to the cleaning on the correct application of work techniques and on the composition of the substances that we use. So there is no damage to property. Protection at the workplace is highly valued by us. Try our service. We guarantee protection.

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