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Wie finde ich den richtigen Dienstleister für Gebäudereiniger?

How do I find the right service provider for building cleaning

Die 5 wichtigsten Tipps 

  It is not always easy to find the right service provider. Not only are the order books of many companies well filled that it is a challenge to find a service provider who does not have time for a new order in a few months, it is often not easy to find out whether the provider is really qualified.  Mit ein bisschen Recherche gelingt es aber auf jeden Fall einen guten Dienstleister zu finden, der seine Arbeit mit dem entsprechenden Sachverstand und Kompetenz leistet. 

Tip 1: is the company qualified? 

The most important question that every client should first clarify is the question of whether the company is even qualified for the job. This means that the company should be run by a master craftsman, for example. Although this is no longer required by law in all trades, the longer training of a master is noticeable in the quality of the work. You should also check whether employees of the company have completed relevant training. 

Tip 2: Hire a company from the region 

The best thing to do - if possible - is to hire a company from the region. Because a company in the region is easier to reach, the journeys are shorter and therefore less noticeable in the costs. Besides, this is Unternehmen more tangible for any inquiries or further appointments. 

Tip 3: Get several offers 

If you have found more than one company that is suitable for the contract, you should obtain and compare several offers. What do the different providers do? How high are the costs? Are the material costs roughly the same? How do price differences come about? Who offered the best advice? A good service provider is usually not the cheapest - but the one who does the best work. 

Tip 4: How does the company respond to inquiries? 

This is important for a good relationship of trust at work Customer service a company. A company should be more knowledgeable about the specialist area than the customer and offer comprehensive advice and not want to patronize its customers. If a service provider does not respond to the ideas, suggestions and wishes of the customer, you should not work with them. 

Tip 5: How professional is the company? 

Several factors play a role here than just the company's website. The appearance of the employees on site is also important. Are the employees, their vehicles and their equipment well looked after? Are the employees friendly and courteous? How do you deal with the customer's property? All important points that indicate the work ethic of the employees. 

Conclusion: Not the cheapest provider is the best provider 

Anyone hiring a company shouldn't simply order the cheapest service provider they want to get hold of. Because quality has its price - not just the quality of the product. There is also customer service and, above all, the willingness to work with the customer. A good service provider is just as careful with the customer's property as he is with his work materials. It is best to always listen to your Bach feeling. If you don't have a good feeling about a company, you should look for an alternative.